All sorts of designs, patterned and scenic, created in collaboration with top fabric and wallpaper brands, interior designers and private clients.

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Working collaboratively with a company’s design team I’ve been part of a fascinating process from mood-board to showroom. I will have been asked to produce a design to coordinate with a collection concept, often supplied with references and a colour palette as a starting point. I tend to use Photoshop to draw ideas together into a loose composition. Then I set to work at my studio painting the design, usually to scale, on paper or fresco secco. As is my signature style I’ll often distress the paintwork by rubbing back, colour-washing or, when using fresco secco, adding cracks and patination for an aged look. The completed artwork is then handed over to be developed by the company. They might then carry out colour-separation so it can be produced in different colourways and on fabric or wallpaper. It is always exciting to see my design transformed and released into the creative hands of the interior decorator.


It is a similar process when I create bespoke designs for private clients or interior designers up to the completion of the artwork. At this stage I continue with the manufacturing process myself. This involves having the artwork professionally scanned so that I can work on it in Photoshop to refine details if needed and put the design into a perfect, operational repeat. I then zap this over to my printers to begin proofing the wallpaper or fabric. This can involve re-scaling the design or desaturating the colours until the client is happy and we’re ready to go print however many rolls or metres are required (minimum quantities apply).

Printed Fabrics & Papers

Creating designs for leading brands to print as fabrics and wallpapers