Folk Art

A pair of naïve folk inspired panels for Kit Kemp

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Client: Kit Kemp & Turnell & Gigon

Location: The Turnell & Gigon showroom, Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, London

Date:September 2018

The Project in Brief

For London Design Week Turnell & Gigon invited Kit Kemp to design a pop-up Caribbean Suite for their showroom at Chelsea Harbour.

She and her amazing team at Firmdale Hotels created a Caribbean inspired sitting room with fabric lined walls by Raoul as a backdrop to exquisitely patterned and crafted furniture and accessories.

To accompany other fun artwork and lighting on the walls Kit commissioned me to paint two fresco secco panels in the spirit of our recently launched Folk Tales collection for Andrew Martin. The scenes, inspired by naïve American landscapes reminiscent of Rufus Porter, feature cows in one and a lion and his tamer in the other. Characters pulled from the walls of the Shepherd’s Hut I painted for Kit in the summer.

The scenes are painted on dry plaster which is then cracked and distressed then waxed to add patina and character.

Kit also designed a bed set for the space, featuring an over-scaled headboard in Schumacher’s wonderful Under The Sea embroidery adding to the overall sense of playfulness in the room.

Beyond is a romantic dressing room lined in a large scale Jean Monro floral linen

For full details visit the Turnell & Gigon website

Behind the Scenes